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December 2, 2009: Telegraph journalist and author Helen Burch talks with Micki about Samuel Smiles, author of the first book called Self-Help
October 10, 2009: Micki talks with New York Times reporter Patricia Cohen about Barbara Ehrenreich's new book, Brightsided and the perils of positive thinking.
December 2008: Joel Pfister reviews Self-Help, Inc for American Quarterly, calling it "[a] brilliant analysis of the self-help industry . . . essential for American studies" (sorry, this journal requires a subscription).

June 2008: Sociologist Eva Illouz reviews Self-Help, Inc in Social Forces

(sorry, this journal is by subscription only)

Mayday 2008: Samia Rahman at the New Statesman discusses a key point of Self-Help, Inc: that working people are belabored . . . working on themselves to stay ever marketable.
May 2008: Nancy Rommelmann interviews Micki about rise of the life coaching profession for Portland Monthly.
April 18, 2008: Dorsey Kindler of the San Francisco Chronicle asks Micki about motivational speakers and the self-help industry
March 8, 2008:  Micki speaks with Jennifer Davies of the San Diego Union-Tribune about the history of journal writing in self-help traditions
February 19, 2008:  Alan Yentob of the BBC's Imagine program interviews Micki about self-help culture. Now excerpted online at YouTube.
February 7, 2008:  Caitlin Carpenter of the The Christian Science Monitor asks Dr. McGee about self-help trends.
December 20, 2007: Micki talks to Chris Berdick of Boston public radio about life-coaching . . .  Listen in.
January 1, 2008: Journalist Ofri Ilani looks to Self-Help Inc to explain the new Israeli pre-occupation with makeover culture . . . .

August 2007: Self-Help, Inc now out in paperback from Oxford University Press!

July 17th, 2007:  Micki talks to William Loeffler of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about the cult(ure)s of happiness.

June 22, 2007: McGee talks with Toronto Globe and Mail columnist Leah McLaren about the new cult of happiness . . .
June 4, 2007:  McGee asks what progressives can learn from The Secret's success in a Nation cover story . . .
March 27, 2007: Micki joins National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation to chat with host Neal Conanabout self-help publishing and the rise of the not-so-secret "Secret."  Listen in . . . .
March 2007: Le Monde Diplomatique's Evelyne Pieiller praises Self-Help, Inc and its critique of individualism
January 23, 2007: Abby Ellin at the The New York Times asks Micki about fitness self-help and coaching . . .
January 11, 2007: Micki talks to Craig Wilson of USA Today about the new trends in self-help literature . . . .
September 2006: The American Journal of Sociology says reading Self-Help, Inc. is like reading "Raymond Williams for the twenty-first century."
September 2006: The Journal of Communication calls Self-Help, Inc. "solidly researched and absorbingly written . . ."
November 2006: Dr. Brian J. McVeigh says, " . . .  McGee's book is highly recommended for both the general reader and university classroom . . ." .
May 2006: Micki helps Women's Health journalist Linda Formichelli end her Dr. Phil addiction . . .   Read more!
20 March 2006: Micki talks to WNYC's Brian Lehrer about self-help culture and temporal poverty. . . Listen in or download the MP3 file.
2 March 2006:  New York Newsday takes up Micki's position in Patricia Kitchen's article, "Self-Help on the Way"    Read more!
12 Nov 2005: Self-Help, Inc. featured in article on The Trouble with Self-Help.  Read more!
12 Nov 2005: Micki talks with Toronto morning talk show host Jon Donabie about self-help culture. (Transcript to follow . . .)

10-30-2005: Micki talks with WPR's Jim Fleming, host of To the Best of Our Knowledge, about how the ideal of self-invention affects us . . . Listen in!

10-26-2005:'s Dan Brillman interviews McGee on the rise of self-help culture . . . Read more!

10-24-2005: On Benjamin Franklin as self-help's founding father . . . McGee talks to Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jeff Gammage.  Read more . . .

10-6-2005: Micki talks with John Gormley, host of Saskatchewan's biggest talk show (Transcript to follow . . .)

9-26-2005: NYU Today features Self-Help, Inc. among notable new books from faculty . . .

9-16-2005: In an essay for The Chronicle of Higher Education's Chronicle Review . . .

McGee notes that Americans are not just overworked, they're also belabored . . . Read more!

9-12-2005: On how Hurricane Katrina reveals holes in the safety net for workers
A conversation with journalist David Schepp of The Journal News (September 12, 2005)

9-8-2005: The Toronto Globe and Mail

makes note of McGee's point that workers are always at work on

themselves . . .

Read more.

8-27-2005: Talking with ABC Radio's Julie Browning
Micki speaks with Australia Broadcasting Company's Julie Browning about Self-Help Obsessions. (August 27, 2005)
Listen online (RealAudio), listen offline (MP3) or read the transcript.

8-26-2005: McGee on DayBreak USA
Micki talks with Scott West and Nancy Jay of USA Radio Network's DayBreak USA about how many Americans are at work on themselves... (August 26, 2005)
Link coming soon!

6-9-2005: McGee speaks to MPR’s Kerri Miller
Listen to Micki on Minnesota Public Radio’s Mid-Morning with Kerri Miller (June 9, 2005)
Listen to “Helping ourselves to the self-help industry”

4-18-2005: Micki on Chicago Public Radio
McGee talks with Chicago Public Radio’s Gretchen Helfrich about self-help culture. (On Odyssey with Gretchen Helfrich,  April 18, 2005).

12-13-2004: Micki McGee in New York Resident
McGee on the vanishing middle-class and their investment in self-improvement culture . . . “Disappearing Center: Middle-Class Citizens May Be in Denial, But They’re Becoming a Vanishing Breed,” by Michael Y. Park, New York Resident, December 13, 2004. 
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